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The Money Guys Philosophy


The majority of financial advice you have received over your lifetime has likely focused on the accumulation of your retirement nest egg. Most financial professionals fail to realize that you have to position your investments, such as your 401ks and IRAs, differently in order for them to sustain you during your retirement years. At Everest Wealth Management we believe that preservation of capital and having a reliable income stream during retirement are paramount. You only get one opportunity to retire, and you don’t want to put your money into an account that deprives you of the ability to accurately forecast what its value will be in the future.

Most of us have been taught to “buy and hold blue chips”. Using this strategy could be a disaster waiting to happen. Imagine if this was your strategy during the Crash of 1987, the Tech bubble of the Nineties, or the 2008 Financial Crisis. Where would your income come from? Would you be able and willing to go back to work? How would you replace the loss of income and or loss of capital that you suffered through no fault of your own? This is where our philosophy differs from what you may be used to hearing. We ask one simple question of clients who want to hire our firm:

What percent of your retirement income do you want guaranteed?

Whatever that number is, together, we can come up with a plan that can show you a way to get there. This plan has many of the same benefits as a pension plan:

  • Lifetime income for you and your spouse regardless of current economic conditions
  • Increases in income tied to inflation
  • Reliability of a check every month

During your working years this plan differs from most stock market investments because your principle and gains are protected from losses. Most pension plans don’t pass on 100% of the income to a spouse, but this can. Another great feature is that the account balance left in this account can be passed on to children, grandchildren, or your nonprofits, which is something pensions typically don’t do.

We find that most retirees are more concerned with the return of their money, then on their money. Why not utilize a fixed indexed annuity for the percent of your income that you want guaranteed? Let us show you a way to retire and not be worried about the day to day changes that retirees have little control over.

Does this sound different from what you have been hearing? Well that’s the Money Guy’s difference, and our philosophy. Sign up today for a free consultation to find out how you can set up your private pension plan.


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